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Tables and spreadsheets you can use anywhere.

Database power, spreadsheet simplicity. Organize anything and use it anywhere.

Data Blaze is the modern database that lets you interact with your data from any webpage.

Bring your data to life

Data Blaze has field types that match your data. 📆 Date fields, ✅ checkboxes, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings and more! These fields make your data easier to work with while helping ensure correctness.

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Views designed for your data

Your data deserves to look great. With Data Blaze, you can use a Grid view or Gallery view and customize how your data is displayed so you and your team get the most out of it.

Quickly gather responses with forms

Easy-to-use forms allow you to collect data from others. Use rating fields, date fields, and any other field type to create great looking forms. You can even use conditional fields.

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Use your data on any website

With Data Blaze's Text Blaze integration, it's a breeze to use your data on any website. Send customized messages based on a Data Blaze table or update Data Blaze automatically as you're working on any website.

My workflow was transformed! It effortlessly transfers data and presents the information I need.
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Kevin R
Data Blaze helped me manage all my databases in a systematic manner and with its native integration with TextBlaze, it has become a one-stop productivity solution for my business.
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Pratik S
Data Blaze enables me to easily organize varying sizes and types of datasets in such a way that gives my teams real-time access to data that is presented and formatted uniformly. The result is a measurable dramatic growth in how efficiently and effectively we serve customers as well as each other.
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Brad H
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