Create HIPAA-compliant templates (dot phrases) for any EHR

Create dynamic medical templates that are tailored to your needs and use them anywhere with keyboard shortcuts.

Streamline note-taking, assessments, and communications in any EHR or app.

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400,000+ people use Text Blaze to end repetitive typing
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Text Blaze allows me the time to provide a deeper and more thoughtful level of care.

Dr. Evelyn Duvivier — Telehealth Physician (Read the case study)

Eliminate repetitive typing anywhere. No integration required.

Save text templates and insert them anywhere by typing pre-defined short phrases (shortcuts).

The most versatile way to speed up typing. Text Blaze saves top users over 28 hours per month.

Use in any text field in any EMR, Email or word processor and start saving time immediately.

Create dynamic templates with placeholders, formulas, and rules.

Endless customizability to streamline any medical notes and assessments.

Add placeholders to capture information when using the template, implement rules to control the template output, use formulas to perform calculations on the fly.

Start saving time right now for free

Install Text Blaze, create your first template and start saving time in minutes

Healthcare practitioners that use Text Blaze

Improve happiness

Focus on helping patients instead of mindless repetitive work.

Improve care

Spend less time typing and more time on high-quality engagements with patients.

Avoid mistakes and miscommunication

Ensure notes, assessments and communication are complete and error-free.

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Text Blaze helps me finish my paperwork while I'm still sitting with a patient.

Stephanie Yakobina — Certified Hand Therapist/Occupational Therapist (Read the case study)

Avoid critical mistakes

Use validation rules to automatically check your templates for mistakes.

Highlight missing information, unexpected and off-the-charts data points and/or block the template from inserting unless certain conditions are met.

Access your data from anywhere

Easily incorporate patient information from your EMR.

Create tables of prescription information, insurance codes, or any other reusable data and easily access the data from your templates.

Your Protected Health Information - SAFE!

Template insertion is done locally. PHI and other sensitive information never leaves the browser.

Wep page information is never logged.

Strict data security policies implemented. SOC 2 Type II compliant and 3rd party audited.

Read our HIPAA guide here.

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Text Blaze has reduced my time taking notes by about 50%

Eric Kreckman — Physician Assistant (Read the case study)

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