Spend more valuable time with patients

Consistent, accurate and complete communication at a fraction of the time.

Free up time and energy to focus on your patients' needs.

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200,000+ people use Text Blaze to end repetitive typing

Eliminate repetitive typing and save time anywhere

Create templates of commonly used phrases, visit summaries, prescriptions, emails and other correspondence and insert them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.

Works anywhere you work with no onboarding time.

Healthcare practitioners that use Text Blaze

Improve care

Spend less time typing and more time on high-quality engagements with patients.

Avoid mistakes and miscommunication

Keep all patient communication complete and error-free.

Reduce burnout

Focus on helping patients instead of mindless repetitive work.

Text Blaze allows me the time to provide a deeper and more thoughtful level of care.

Dr. Evelyn Duvivier — Telehealth Physician (Read the case study)

Templates used
by Healthcare teams

Common Healthcare

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Dot Phrase

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Saving time
in Gmail

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Medical History

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Personal and accurate message every time

Ensure that all of your patient communication is personalized, accurate and complete.

Create customizable templates with placeholders and rules to ensure the message is contextual and correct.

Help your colleagues provide better care

Create shared folders of shortcuts and learn best practices from each other.

Help new teammates onboard quickly and hit the ground running.

Ensure completeness and consistency for seamless hand-offs between doctors, nurses, and admin teams.

Understand your communication

Get real-time individual and team-wide usage reporting and analysis.

Understand best practices and help team members adopt them.