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Create dynamic email templates for Outlook!

Eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes using customizable email templates

Insert your templates in Outlook and anywhere else using keyboard shortcuts!

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Our top users save more than 28 hours per month

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Speed up your work on Windows


Save any text as a template and give it a shortcut.

You can try /ty for a thank you letter.


Type the shortcut into any textbox on Windows and see the sentence get inserted!

Our app works on MS Word, Outlook, Slack, Notion and wherever else you may be.

Make the most of Text Blaze's versatile dynamic templates and collaboration features that are much better than any other application.

You may know it as "auto text", "canned responses", "macros", "snippets" or "text expander".


Dynamic Snippets

Text Blaze supports forms and dynamic formulas to help you get work done faster. No need to juggle between different tools, because Text Blaze can do so much.

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Share and Collaborate with your team

Share your templates with your colleagues. All your colleagues' templates update in real time.

The text expander that works wherever you work, including

...and in EVERY Windows app.