Interview to onboarding, in a snap

Automated and consistent messaging for the entire candidate journey.

Free up time and energy to focus on closing hiring, faster than ever before.

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200,000+ people use Text Blaze to end repetitive typing

Work smarter and save time anywhere

Create templates of commonly used phrases, responses and emails and insert them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.

Automate repetitive typing and other low-value tasks and free up time for meaningful interactions with candidates.

Works anywhere you work with no onboarding time.

Recruiters that use Text Blaze

Boost productivity

Reach more candidates and close hiring faster than ever before.

5x response rate

Implement communications best practices as snippets to boost results.

Ensure quality and consistency

From email to ATS to LinkedIn, ensure messaging is error-free and consistent across channels.

With best practices implemented using Text Blaze, we’ve been able to increase candidates’ response rate from 5-10% to 50%.

Andrew Hairs — CEO, Select Headhunter (Read the case study)

Templates used
by recruiters

Snippets for recruiters

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Saving Time in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn connection messages

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Common work emails

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Get your message right, every time

Ensure that all your candidate communication is consistent and automated, but not robotic

Create customizable templates with placeholders and rules to ensure the message is contextual and personalized.

Always stay
on brand

Use the same voice across the team with shared team folders.

Manage shared messaging of all your high performers under one account, and collaborate every step of the way.

Get new hires up to speed and ready to recruit faster than ever before.

Smarter and faster hiring on LinkedIn

Automate common tasks on LinkedIn to speed up work and avoid mistakes.

Automatically capture people's names, roles and other important information.