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Create templates of commonly used phrases, responses and sales emails and insert them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.

Automate repetitive typing and other low-value tasks and free up time for meaningful customer interactions.

Works anywhere you work with no onboarding time.

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Boost productivity

Send high-quality messages at a fraction of the time

Increase conversion rate

Ensure all your communication is effective and timely.

Reduce burnout

Focus on building relationships instead of mindless work.

Get the message right, at a fraction of the time

Ensure all your communication is personalized, accurate and complete using customizable templates with placeholders and dynamic rules.

Make your messages stand out and boost your response rate.

Adopt best practices across the team

Create shared folders to ensure the entire team adopts best practices and stays on brand.

Reduce onboarding time, get new team members up to speed and ready to sell in no time.

Ensure completeness and consistency for seamless hand-offs between Sales, Marketing, and Success teams.

Automate more than just typing

Automatically read and capture information from any website, including Gmail and LinkedIn.

Automate form filling and other repetitive tasks.

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