Get the message right every time.

Create interactive text templates and trigger them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts.

Eliminate copy-and-pasting, searching in complex documents and mistakes!

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Text Blaze makes it easy for our team to be on the same page regarding processes by providing a shared space for our knowledge. It saves our team a huge amount of time – more than 100 hours per person within a year!

Monica S. — Social Operations Manager at air up®

Saves you time anywhere.

Create text templates (snippets) and trigger them anywhere with keyboard shortcuts.

Eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes and save >12 hours a week. No integration required.

Works anywhere

Templates that guide you.

Add placeholders and rules to create interactive templates that get you to the right answer.

Make your guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) effortlessly available anywhere you work.

Effortlessly contextual and personal communication.

Automatically incorporate data from any source to create messages that are tailored to the recipient and situation.

Create a shared knowledge base.

Text Blaze makes it easy to distribute your SOPs to everyone that needs them in just a few clicks.

New team members can receive SOPs automatically. Using team-level sharing ensures individuals have only the SOPs relevant to their work.

Text Blaze Drives Business Results

Increase compliance while improving productivity

Define and easily follow Standard Operating procedures (SOPs).

Improve customer communication

Always know the right message to send, and how to phrase it.

Avoid misrouting and mistakes

Ensure guidelines are clear, easy to follow and always available.

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