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Create templates for common tasks such as grading papers, writing report cards, emailing students and parents or planning lessons and save them as keyboard shortcuts.

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Thousands of teachers use Text Blaze to

Save hours of repetitive typing

Type up lesson plans, feedback, reports, and emails faster than ever before.

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Provide personalized, high-quality feedback at a fraction of the time.

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Personal, high-quality feedback at a fraction of the time

Create "smart" templates with placeholders, toggles and logic to provide contextual and personalized feedback at a fraction of the time.

Avoid mistakes, and ensure your students receive all the relevant information they need and nothing more.

Share rubrics and messages

Use shared folders to share templates with your colleagues.

Ensure quality and consistency across the team and save time creating detailed feedback and messages.

Using Text Blaze is increasing the quality of feedback we’re providing for students, and saving us a lot of time.

Tyler M. — Instructional Coach (Read the blog post)