Draft the perfect message for every situation

Use customizable, context-aware templates anywhere you work with keyboard shortcuts.

Boost communications efficiency by standardizing and personalizing your messages.

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400,000+ people use Text Blaze to end repetitive typing

Works anywhere you work

Create text templates (snippets) and insert them anywhere with keyboard shortcuts.

No integration required.

Works anywhere

Customize with form fields

Add form fields (placeholders) such as text fields, drop-down menus, toggles and more to create customizable templates.

Combine the best of personalization and standardization for the most effective messages.

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Use page context and data from any app

Automatically contextual your messages by reading and incorporating information from any open web page.

Integrate with any app or data source to pull up-to-date resources on the fly.

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Control the template's output using rules

Implement your business logic as rules that dynamically control the output of the snippet.

Perform validation and ensure quality checks pass before the snippet is inserted.

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Perform calculations on the fly

Use formulas to perform real-time calculations and data manipulation.

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Consistent brand voice

Collaborate on shared snippets to create a centralized knowledge base.

Share snippets with the entire team to align on shared language and help new team members hit the ground running.

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Let AI write your smart templates for you

Create dynamic templates that fits your needs quickly using AI that's aware of all of Text Blaze capabilities.

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Text Blaze helps us ensure that our communication is complete, clear and consistent.

Natalia V. — Property Integrator